Thursday, September 24, 2009

Character Development

Although I've had a pretty good idea of how I want my three main characters to look like like for a while now, I've still taken the time in the last couple of weeks to pinpoint the details and try-out a few alternatives. I've also been thinking about the look of all the extras in the club.

Notably, I've changed how Rose's headband is worn, swapped Noksek's hairstyle again and adjusted Blu's facial structure to be more square and less angled to differ more from Noksek. Each of the the main three are not only represented by a single color but also by basic geometric shapes.

Blu (from Italian) - Blue - Square
Blu is a dreamer. Though he is part of the hip crowd, he is somewhat at the lower echelon of it since he is more of a thinker than a dooer. Tired of the typical flaky female fair, he aspires for a more meaningful relationship, but doesn't know how to find it.

Rose (from French) - Pink - Circle
Rose is sweet, clever and fun. The perfect girl. Needless to say she's already taken.

Noksek (from Korean) - Green - Triangle
Noksek is at the top of his game. Looks, fitness and the will to succeed. He acts first and asks questions later and that's why he's got the girl.


  1. Good stuff man!

    I think I prefer Rose with a thinner headband, but maybe that's more hippy than '80's Hipster, which seems to be the vibe you're aiming at.

    Otherwise this is some pretty solid design work, looking forward to seeing some in movement.

    Keep it up!

  2. Yeah my thoughts exactly. I did like the thin band, but a friend pointed out that it was more 60's and it seemed a little out of place.

    Ill have the final designs completed soon.